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Achieve to Succeed: Goals for the Summer

By Tim Vanderhoof

The first couple of weeks as a Skylight intern have been fun, tough and rewarding. I didn’t know what to expect when I started, but over the course of the last few weeks I have started to develop myself into a young financial professional.

Most of the days have been full of trainings and meetings, with surveys riddled in between. Some of the knowledge attained in the trainings have made me excited for when I obtain more licensing. However, I have been able to utilize a lot of the information inside and out of the internship. I’m more confident in my speaking ability and in approaching others. The financial knowledge from Skylight has been not only enlightening but also reassuring. It has aligned a lot with what I’m learning at Ohio State.

I have had the opportunity to learn from some incredible planners, which is one thing I expect to continue to do throughout the program. Its easy to see how a young professional could take off with the structure and support system here at Skylight. It was surprising to me how much I have learned from my fellow interns as well. Although sometimes uncomfortable, the few one-on-one roleplay sessions we have set up have proven to be mutually beneficial.

The biggest expectations I have for the remainder of the program are to continue to learn how to brand myself/network and to become more comfortable on the phone and when meeting with people. We are starting to get into our approach talks, so I’m excited to start applying all our training to a real situation with a potential client.

We had a great meeting today with Mark Zumack, in which he told us to “be confident, because clients can smell it.” I thought this was invaluable advice for an intern. Luckily, Skylight has already given us a bunch of tools in which we can go into a meeting in the way Mark recommended. If there’s a couple things I want to do over the next few weeks it would be to get further out of my comfort zone when it comes to who to survey, and to master my approach talk!

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