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An Unbeatable Culture

By Taylor Wise

The culture at Skylight Financial Group has been truly inspirational. What stands out to me about the culture at Skylight is the interactions between the advisors, clients and staff. Everyone comes into the office with a smiling face and are motivated to start their day. This positive attitude makes me excited to come to this internship every single day.

The positive interactions with everyone, on top of the learning new things every day, makes this internship fast paced and informative. They give us opportunities to meet with a variety of people throughout the company and to learn about the ins and outs of the company. They provide us with meetings that inform us about the different systems and tools that you can utilize while working here. We had the chance to meet the CFO of the company, Kathy Barnes, to learn about how you can be compensated while working here and if we had any questions. Usually when you work at a large corporate company, you usually never meet anyone higher up unless you either are at a fancy event or you did something wrong. This interaction with the managing partners and other partners makes us feel like we are important and not just here to get paid and leave.

A beautiful day at the Toledo office!

The culture here makes an impact onto me and the other interns here at Skylight because it makes us feel welcomed. We are offered tools to make us successful and are driven to be the best that we can. We are expected to reach our goals and we have a weekly competition between the interns to see how we are doing each week and to keep ourselves accountable. Each week we are challenged by learning newer techniques to make us into successful business owners.

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