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Diving In: Starting my internship at Skylight

By Merritt Brewer

As my second week as an intern begins, I have nothing but good feelings about what is to come. I first heard about Skylight through a career fair last fall at Ohio University. I had a great conversation with Christine Click, the director of recruitment at Skylight, and I was ultimately given an invitation to attend a luncheon to learn more about the internship role. I accepted the invitation because I had always thought about pursuing a career in the financial services industry, and I was excited to hear more about the true workings of Skylight Financial Group. Before the luncheon, I was nervous due to the fact I did not have the slightest idea of what financial planning entails. But all my feelings of nervousness were relieved after the luncheon which was held at Skylight’s Dublin office. The luncheon was a great opportunity to hear from Jeff Logan, firm ambassador and managing director. Jeff first gave us a brief overview of what it is like to work in the financial services industry, what the internship role would consist of, and finally how Skylight attempts to outshine all other firms. After attending the luncheon, I knew I wanted to pursue a relationship with Skylight further, hoping to land an interview and eventually, receive an offer.

I am grateful to be here with Skylight amid my second week. With this being my first time in a true professional environment, I am ready to immerse myself in any tasks that I am faced with. The atmosphere and resources here are extremely helpful and aim to place me on the path to success. I am excited to be pushed further from my comfort zone during these 11 weeks here. I look forward to making new connections, learning more about what Skylight does (because I have merely scratched the surface), and most importantly I look forward to learning more about myself along the way.

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