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Halfway There: Lessons I've Learned Along the Way

By Andrew Smigelski

It seems surreal thinking that we are over halfway through this internship. I have taken in so much information in these seven weeks, it is amazing. There is so much that I have learned, I think that a lot of the information was a surprise to me. But I think the biggest surprise to me this summer has been the wide range of opportunities a financial planner has to help people. Advisors have a responsibility to protect the future of their clients, and the scope of that responsibility is astounding. These planners have done such a great job of servicing their clients and ensuring that they are in the best place possible moving forward. I don’t think that I was surprised by the fact that these people are doing their jobs, but the wide scope that they can help people with, and how many different aspects of life that these people can help with. All of us as interns have heard stories about how these services can be life changing, and they really are.

Going along with that, I think I was not expecting the levels of work that many people put in to ensure that their businesses are successful. I knew coming in that it was very hard work to get started in this business, but it doesn’t hit you until you see it firsthand. This is something that I’m glad that I picked up, because I now know what it takes to succeed, and I think that I have the work ethic and drive to succeed in this business. Beyond that, I have learned many little tips from every senior advisor that I have talked to, just little things that may help me out when working with clients or just working in the business in general. All the information that I have learned so far will help me so much when I jump into this business after graduating from college.

I have really enjoyed my time here to this point and look forward to finishing the internship strong. I have gained so much knowledge that I know I will be in a good place when I graduate and move into a full-time job.

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