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Making it Personal: My Growth at Skylight

By Jackson Taylor

Throughout my time at Skylight, I have learned so many different things about how to become a successful financial planner. I have observed senior planners in meetings, performed my own case studies on simulated clients, and been through countless various training exercises and meetings. But the most important part of the internship for me has been learning successful ways of how to build relationships with other people.

Learning how to build these strong relationships will, and already has, helped me both professionally and personally. We have watched many training videos and also role played this relationship building throughout the duration of our internship, but the most important thing I have learned about this important aspect of being a financial planner? Listening. People love to talk about themselves and can reveal a lot of information about their lives in just a few simple statements if you know what to look for and listen actively. This can be done by repeating what the person just said to make sure you understood them properly, or by reacting to the things the person is saying so they know you are listening. Role playing this has helped me build better relationships with people in my personal life, and I know it will help me become a better and more successful financial planner.

Relationship building will help me be a better family member and friend to those closest to me by helping me understand how to get closer and more involved in their lives. Sometimes all it takes to continue having a good relationship with someone is to simply reach out to them every couple of months to see how their life is going. Throughout my life I have always been very book smart, but at times I have struggled with keeping strong relationships with people that I don’t see often, such as when I leave my hometown to go back to school my relationships at home struggle to keep strong. Having a summer at Skylight where I learned strategies and heard ideas from successful planners on how to build and maintain strong relationships will continue to help me in the future.

Another way I have grown in my time at Skylight is by expanding my knowledge of what it takes to be financially healthy from a planning point of view. This will certainly help me professionally because I am planning on staying in the financial planning industry, so knowledge of how to help people plan financially will be something I will use every single day. It will also help me personally. I have always been financially aware, I have been contributing to an IRA account for the last couple of years. But through shadowing client meetings and during simulated case studies I have learned a lot of what it actually takes to be financially successful.

I could not be more thankful for all the knowledge that I learned in my time at Skylight. The growth I have had either in my knowledge of personal finances, or how build more successful relationships, will help me both professionally and personally for the rest of my life. Thank you to Skylight Financial Group for this opportunity, and I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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