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My Biggest Mentor this Summer

Updated: Jul 26, 2019

By Tyler Tucker

Now that there are only two weeks left of my internship here at Skylight, I believe I have experienced enough to look back and reflect on my time summer. One of the driving forces of my enjoyment this summer has been the people around me here in the Dublin office. There are many people that have helped me along the way and want to see me succeed.

One person that sticks out to me in Nate Knowlton. He might not know the impact he has had on me this summer, but he has shown me what it takes to become a financial planner. It may just because his desk is next to mine, but he has set an example of the work that I need to put in to run my own business. On top of that he also has helped me directly with my internship in several ways. Nate invited me to my first networking events and client meetings. Outside of the scope of work, we talk about sports, video games, and different news topics. It makes work more enjoyable when there is someone passionate about the same things as I am.

The biggest mentor for me this summer has to be Ryan Puckett. He has taught me so much this summer even before the internship began. Ryan is busier than I could imagine anyone being. Yet he still meets with me and others in the office to make sure we are on track to be successful in this career. It is easy to see that he truly wants me to succeed as an advisor with Skylight. And he is willing to put in time in his already full schedule to help me in anyway he can. I have sat in on several of his review meetings that have taught me the impact of what an advisor can do. The most impactful thing Ryan has done for me is help me insure the most important person in my life. My mom was about to run out of term insurance, so Ryan, Nate, and I sat down with her to go over her financial goals and future. He came up with a plan to help her make more in retirement and it also turned into my first sale of life insurance.

Skylight is full of people who are happy to help with any problem you might have. That is what makes it so easy for me to wake up every morning and head to work with a smile on my face. But the mentoring Nate and Ryan have provided for me, whether they know it or not, is something that I will never forget. And I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me. I hope to one day have an impact on someone as they have had on me.

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